Mining Employment in Canada: Bringing Workers and Employers Together

Canadian mining activity has created many career opportunities across the country both directly in the sector and in industries that support the mining sector. The mining industry currently employs 363,000 Canadians in mineral extraction and in the value-added smelting, fabrication, and manufacturing areas.

Rapid growth in Canada's mining industry in recent years has led to some challenges for the industry in terms of attracting workers. With a 40-percent retirement rate and new deposits being discovered regularly, thousands of additional workers will be needed each year by mining employers to meet anticipated Canadian production targets to the year 2016, creating many new and exciting careers and in the industry. 

A career in mining is rewarding, challenging and high paying. Offering a dynamic work environment, state of the art equipment and technology, travel and advancement, mining employment opportunities are worth exploring.


Check out the mining employer websites and job bank links for current career opportunities in Canada's mining industry.