Products of Mining in Canada: From Batteries to Vehicles

Did You Know? Mining products provide many of the essential items that we use every day.

The products of mining provide not only many of the essential consumer goods we use, but also much of the infrastructure that we rely on daily—highways, electrical and communications networks, and housing, to name a few. It's difficult to imagine a world without them! Check out the following examples of mining products in action:

BatteriesBatteries - cadmium, lithium, nickel and cobaltMusical instrumentsMusical instruments - copper, silver, steel, nickel, brass, cobalt, copper, iron and aluminum
CircuitryCircuitry - gold, copper, aluminum, steel, silver, lead and zincSports equipmentSports equipment - graphite, aluminum and titanium
Computer and television screensComputer and television screens - silicon, boron, lead, phosphorus and indiumSun protection and medical ointmentsSun protection and medical ointments - zinc
Cosmetics and jewelleryCosmetics and jewellery  -gold, diamonds, iron oxide, zinc and titanium dioxideSurgical instrumentsSurgical instruments - stainless steel
ElectricityElectricity - coal and uraniumVehicles and tiresVehicles and tires - steel, copper, zinc, barium, graphite, sulphur and iodine
EyeglassesEyeglasses - limestone, feldspar and soda ashHousing ConstructionHousing construction - gypsum, clay, limestone, sand and gravel
FertilizerFertilizer - phosphate, nitrogen, sulphur and potashHybrid car components

Hybrid car components - rare earth elements such as dysprosium, lanthanum, neodymium and samarium