Mining in Canada Today

Did You Know? The mining insutry in Canada has a safety record that meets or beats that of most other industrial sectors.

With more than 800 mines across the country directly employing more than 363,000 workers, Canada ranks first in the world for the production of potash and uranium and among the top five for the production of nickel and diamonds. Mining in Canada today has come a long way since the discovery of coal on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, nearly 350 years ago.

Growth and Prosperity. The mining industry is now a major player in Canada's economy, contributing nearly 5% of the country's Gross Domestic Product. With new mineral deposits being discovered regularly, the economic potential of the Canadian mining industry is enormous.

Leading-Edge Technology. Sophisticated equipment and leading-edge technology have vastly improved the efficiency of mining operations—from exploration and extraction processes to production of metal products. The new face of mining in Canada includes workers integrating technology in every aspect of their work—using robotics, computers, and state-of-the-art equipment. In fact, a miner can be at a workstation aboveground (or in another city altogether!) while operating mining equipment located thousands of meters underground.

Skilled Workers Needed. The leading-edge technology used in today's mining industry has led to an increased demand for highly skilled workers. The skills required range from mining extraction expertise and mineral process technology to computer technology and information management, among others.

Enviable Safety Record. Over the past century, the mining industry has moved from what was once a highly physical and often dangerous occupation to a sophisticated industry that makes use of automated mining processes. As a result, safety records have improved significantly and the mining industry in Canada today is now one of the safest industrial sectors in the country.

Environmental and Social Responsibility. Canada's mining companies share a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Canada is a world leader in the use of advanced mining technology and sustainable environmental practices designed to minimize the impacts of mining exploration and development on the natural environment and the communities in which they are located. Canada's mining industry places a high value on community engagement through a consultation process that is open and transparent—the end result is consensus-based solutions that benefit the community.